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Introducing Pedal Power Cycling Nutrition

Pedal Power is the latest break-through in sports nutrition for cyclists. Packed with performance enhancing ingredients, Pedal Power is the amazing new nutrition energy drink, designed to help you pedal faster,
harder and for longer.

Each 750g tub purchased accrues you 100 reward points! - 500 reward points 'buys' you a free tub!

Developed in collaboration with cyclists, Pedal Power is custom designed to address the specific needs of competitive and recreational cycling.

Unlike generic energy drinks, Pedal Power's innovative ingredients have been formulated with the specific intention of allowing you to get the absolute most from your time in the saddle.

The unique combination of high performance ingredients help improve your power, energy, mental focus and reaction time, making Pedal Power fantastic for both racing and endurance cycling.

Pedal Power is also great for leisure cycling, giving you increased levels of energy and power output, making hill climbs easier and straights a little faster, allowing you to enjoy more of the time on your bike.

Pedal Power is perfect for Mountain Biking, Road Racing, Triathlon, CycloX, Downhill Racing, BMX, Gym Work, Cycle Speedway, Turbo Training or for just getting out on your bike and having fun.

Pedal Power does not contain Aspartame, Acesulfame K, or artificial colouring and comes with a no quibble money back guarantee.


Helping you to exert more torque through the pedals, enabling you to power up hills, accelerate through the straights and reach your top speed faster than you ever thought possible.


Native to the rain forests of Brazil and Paraquay, Yerba Mate contains antioxidants, Twenty-Four Vitamins & Minerals and Fifteen different Amino Acids. Yerba also contains Pantothenic Acid, which plays a vital part in metabolism and energy production.


The combination of Fructose and Maltodextrin has been shown in researched studies using cyclists, to increase peak exogenous carbohydrate oxidation by as much as 40% when compared to Maltodextrin on its own.


An Essential Amino Acid, Glutamine will help aid recovery, boost your immune system and enable greater endurance.


Increases your VO2 max and tolerance of fatigue, through it's antioxidant properties and protection at Cellular level. Allowing you to cycle longer and harder.


Increases alertness, reduces perceived effort during exercise, and decreases reaction time.



Pedal Power a new era in Cycling Nutrition

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